We had a great weekend with the boat, culminating in our first sail of the season on Sunday!


We had a social event with our sailing club on Saturday.  It’s really nice to meet so many energetic, friendly sailors in one place.  We are super awkward, but still managed to make friends.  We even got to hang out with a couple families we met last season.  After the group dinner, Lauren and I went back down to the dock to see if the wind died down enough to put the mast up.  Seemed like it had, so we had to work up the courage to ask some people to help.  A couple kids from the club walked up and asked if we were putting up our mast.  I said we ‘are thinking about it’, and before I could finish my sentence they were yelling to their dad, “Dad, these guys are trying to get their mast up, bring a couple big guys to help!”  Five minutes later and it was up and set.  Sailors are so helpful!


Enzo got excited when another dog came running up on the dock, and decided to back into the water (fortunately before we were putting the mast up).  He doesn’t usually like to swim (though he does like playing in water), but he certainly can!  It was cold (~50F) that day so we brought him to the car to warm up.  I don’t think he will do that again!



We had some good friends come with us on Sunday for our first sail of the season.  It was blowing about 10-15 knots, and was 55F.  There was some sun, which provided a nice break from the cold.  Despite the cold, the sailing turned out great!

We put the boom and sails on first.  No issues there, but the little things take a while. We changed the position of the boom vang after taking this picture to help better trim the sails on a run.


The trolling motor pushed us out of the harbor with no problems, even thought we were going directly into the 10-15 knot breeze. When we got out, we sailed with the main only for a while.  I was just getting used to how the boat felt in this much wind. By the end of the sail, we were much more comfortable again, and had a good heel on.  I think Sunday was the fastest we have ever sailed the boat (we don’t have a knotmeter, so I can’t confirm).







That’s all for now. Until next time!