How do we get the Marieholm from Florida to Cincinnati, and pick up a trailer on the way(while owning a Honda civic and a small hatchback)?  My sister to the rescue!  Her v8 Toyota 4Runner did the job nicely, and she and my 20 month old nephew tagged along! Our plan was two days there, two days back, and a day to work on the logistics in Naples (and we stuck to it!).

Our first stop was Sail Trailers in Georgia.  I had called them two months before and told them about the boat and situation.  They were great to work with, and built a wonderful trailer for us. Plugged in the brake controller, and on to Naples.


Got to Naples on Saturday night.  The harbor said they couldn’t put the boat on the trailer until Monday.  That gave us some time to work on the boat, and take a break from driving.  I was thinking that it couldn’t take long to step the mast down, and put it on the trailer (I was wrong).  Lucky for us the yard was able to put it on the trailer on Sunday!  What a process, too.  Got to the yard around 9:30, left at 4.  We definitely wouldn’t have made it out of Naples on Monday!

First we towed the boat (the engine doesn’t run yet) to the yard just down the creek.  I had two dolphins follow me (that has to be a good sign, right?).


Then we stepped the mast (harder than I expected, but I’ll cover that later):


And just pop the boat out of the water!  This was scary….




And……onto the trailer!




See those nice, white, puffy clouds?  Just an hour later, while working on the mast support, it started raining.  Oh well, off to eat dinner and to drool over the boats at the Naples City Dock!


If only the money was there….


An Island Packet outfitted for cruising?  Yes, PLEASE!!


What is this?  No idea.  Do I like it?  You betcha!


Two more days of driving, another hotel, and here we are at the lake parking lot.  (That’s my nephew I’m holding)


How did a 20 month old do in a car for 6 days, driving across the country?  Incredibly well!  He’s a trooper, and a happy kid.  Thanks to him and my sister, we are one step closer!