1979 Marieholm MS-20

S/V Sentimental Journey

We recently inherited our Marieholm MS-20.  It’s a sturdy boat, built in Sweden for the North Sea.  It’s a beautiful boat, with more traditional lines than the plethora of more modern 20-30′ cruisers in our marina.



Lauren sailing in the Gulf with her grandpa and brother.  Lauren grew up sailing this boat with her grandparents.  We can’t thank them enough for such a wonderful gift!



Twenty feet long, with a fixed fin keel, skeg mounted rudder, and a three foot draft.  It’s a very stable boat, even in higher winds.  You can see that it is fairly small(certainly not ‘liveaboard-able’).  Since we are currently landlocked in the middle of the country, it is on a ~6000 acre lake.  This boat will give us great practice for a bigger boat in the future!

The list below is more for our records than anything, but here is our ongoing project list:


  • Check compression/repair as needed to get running
  • Repaint engine after repairs complete
  • Routine maintenance after repairs complete
  • Send injector out for service
  • Replace the low pressure fuel return line.
  • Drain fuel system, add fresh fuel, bleed full system
  • Replace nipple on bottom of tank


  • Check jib halyard
  • Check/replace as needed mast sheaves
  • Repair UV cover on roller furling
  • Check all lines/sheets and stays
  • Repair top batten pocket on mainsail
  • Replace velcro on sail cover
  • Check chain plates
  • Replace main halyard
  • Replace both jib sheet blocks with ball bearing blocks


  • Repaint waterline
  • Sand/repaint barrier paint
  • Paint deck top/non-skid
  • Paint companion way door
  • Add swim ladder
  • De-fog windows, replace seals
  • Wet sand/polishe above waterline
  • Caulk fuel filler inlet where leaking


  • Check/replace as needed lighting and wiring
  • Check wiring for bilge pump/replace as needed(replaced with manual bilge pump for now)


  • Organize/go through all items on boat
  • Sew new curtains
  • Check/replace batteries in solar fan
  • Sand/re-varnish tiller
  • Make new line holding brackets aft of mast