Five Years.  In five years we will be living on a boat, sailing around the southern US and Caribbean.  This will hopefully give us time to:

  • Get some more retirement finances together while we are young(that way we don’t come back with nothing)
  • Get some passive income to support us while out there (Real Estate? Web development? Renting out properties? Investments?)
  • Find a boat(well, one big enough to live aboard)!
  • Grow our family and make sure they are old enough for life on the boat
  • Do some more land based traveling

That’s really all we know at this point.

Along with sailing(and maybe more important) is our dream of helping locals as we go along.  At each stop we plan on giving back to the local communities in whatever way we can.

None of this is very fleshed out yet, but we will update as we go!