The Marieholm is in Florida.  We need it here in Ohio.  The trailer is being custom built in Georgia.  You see our problem.

Let’s start at the beginning.  We are inheriting the Marieholm from Lauren’s grandparents.  We could not be more overjoyed by this, as its a wonderful boat with great memories.  It sits in the brackish water of the intercoastal, and has never had a trailer.

Step one: Find a lake.

The first thing we needed was a lake.  The central Midwest is somewhat lacking in those.  Fortunately we found a 6000 acre lake (read: wide spot in the river with a dam) an hour from our house with a sailing club.  They even have a cheap (relatively), sailboat ONLY marina run by the DNR.  Called, went out, picked a dock, DONE.

Step two: Find a trailer.

Finding a trailer for a sailboat is much harder than I expected it to be.  We need a trailer to store the boat on during the winter, so shipping it without wasn’t an option.  Because of the relative scarcity of the Marieholm, and the fact that it pulls a 3′ draft with an 800lbs keel, there aren’t any used trailers to be found.  The trailer needs to be custom made for the boat, so there aren’t any new trailers either!  After calling 6+ places, I found a small shop in Georgia that was willing to make it for the right price.  The guy I talked with even knew of the Marieholm (he was the only one)!  Paid a deposit, schedule a pick up date, DONE.

Step three: Pick up the trailer/boat and bring it back to Ohio.

We don’t have a truck…  Luckily I have amazing family.  My sister and I are going this weekend to pick everything up.  Road trip!  Towing is more complicated than I expected.  I’ve bought a trailer brake controller(for the electronic brakes), and am looking into some type of sway control system.

I know that when we are sailing on our own boat, even if it is a small lake, it will all be worth it.  Looking forward to that moment.

I’ll update as we make more progress this weekend!