Meet us!  We are a family with dreams of traveling as a lifestyle, and volunteering along the way (hence the name “Cruising for Good”).



Chris was born in St. Paul, and moved away from the lakes (and an 18′ Buccaneer) when he was seven.  He is devastatingly handsome, but more importantly for life on a boat – incredibly handy (written by Lauren). After graduating from Purdue University and working in marketing, he and Lauren decided on a change in lifestyle.  Life on a sailboat provides a way to simplify and explore.  He is an aspiring photographer, so bear with him while he learns!



Lauren was born in Minneapolis. She had the good sense to stay in Minnesota until she went off to college, sailing a bit on some of the 11,000+ lakes and while on vacations in Florida (even on the Marieholm). Also a graduate of Purdue University, she works by day as a mild mannered engineer and does her crime fighting/gardening/baking on nights and weekends.  She is excited to be an amateur marine biologist (read: look at pretty fishies).


Marcella was born January 19th, 2017 in Cincinnati.  Her current hobbies and interests include drinking milk, pooping, keeping us up at night, and being really cute.  She loves the Lumineers and is looking forward to her first sail this May.



Enzo is our always wonderful, quirky Australian Shepherd-Border Collie-Who Knows mix.  We’ve had him since he was just 10 weeks old!  His whole litter(about 7 of them) was dropped off at a shelter, made their way to a rescue, and we picked him up from there.  He is a smart dog who loves the outdoors.  He never ceases to amaze us with how weird and beautiful he is.




  1. Hello nice to read about your boat. I have a Marieholm S 20 just now in Sweden and living on it during the summer. Its small but easy to handle. I have a 35 feet colvic as well but after sailing the big one for many years and as i am getting older i will continue with my Marieholm and sell the big one. This year i will sail from Stockholm/ Germany the canals down to the med. Small boat small problems.
    Wish you all the luck with Your boat.
    Best regards

    • Hans,

      Sounds like you are having a great time in your Marieholm! We actually just came back from a trip to Sweden; its an amazing country!

      Thanks for the comment, and have fun this year!


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